Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week of Hell

So this post may not be "male friendly", but I've just gotta talk about it. Once a month us women get visited by an evil little fairy that decides she wants to wave her tiny wand and grant us with a week of pure hell. Yea, i'm pretty sure that's how it goes. I told myself on Sunday that I was not going to give in and that I would prove to myself that i would conquer my little visitor. Yea, well, so much for that. I HATE this week for more reasons than just one! but the main reason, especially since I started BTWG, is that during this fun little period of time (no pun intended) I completely lose control of myself and my body. Not only do I crave certain things and eat everything in site, but I cramp like crazy, get horribly fatigued, my mood gets depressed, and I just plain dont feel like doing anything but complaining and feeling sorry for myself. I always have that little teeny tiny voice in the back of my head saying "keep going" and "don't eat that", but it's just not loud enough for me to listen! I am determined to figure out how to beat this, because lets face it, that damn fairy isnt going anywhere for a long long long time. I have a theory that it all depends on how strong I am the three weeks before it happens, so it's time to start over and give it another try!

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  1. This 46 year old is here to tell you that you are 100% right - your "visitor" isn't going anywhere for a long time!!! I keep waiting for that little bitch to exit the scene, but no go. :)

    SO, keep on fighting back - like coming up with your sweet dessert that you shared that, NOT an entire bag of M&Ms. GO JENNA!!!!! (PS - on a side note that none of you really want to know but I am going to share with you anyway, DON'T EVER get laser hair removal done while on your period...I did a barter with a gal where she borrowed our condo for a week and in return she's zapping the crap out of my underarm hair so it disappears...anyway, she said "Don't schedule with me while Aunt Flo's visiting." Didn't listen, scheduled a session. OH MY GOSH - she was 100% correct that when you're on your period, hormones make your nerve/skin sensitivity 4000% more sensitive - I about came off the table every time she zapped me! MY POINT IS - all that wacky period crap Jenna shared is very real should any reader doubt it. And should any reader continue to doubt it, I suggest you not verbalize it to me or Jenna this week....or else.)