Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cedar Point

So this past weekend Kyle and I took off to Sandusky, Ohio to visit one of the most AMAZING theme parks ever, Cedar Point. My main concern out of the whole trip was: what the heck am I going to eat??? After gathering tips and ideas from fellow PR'ers, I loaded up on packs of tuna and an assortment of fruit and nuts. I found an awesome recipe for roasted nuts at ... seriously, CHECK IT OUT! Kyle and I munched on it all weekend, I added raisins to mine and made it with almonds, walnuts and pecans. sooo delicious! But anyway, Thank goodness I packed this, a couple larabars and a few apples to get me through the day because the second I got into the park, it was like poison food city. Every single sign that I saw: Fried chicken, chilli cheese fries, funnel cakes, elephant ears, chips, jumbo pretzels, dippin dots, chocolate chip cookies, cinnabon, "stuffed smore's" (which is basically a glorified poptart), pepsi, the list goes on. I kept my eye on different food items to just see if anything jumped out that I would be able to eat and the closest thing I got to healthy was a chocolate covered banana or an apple pie filled bosco stick. Another little thing I kept an eye out for was how many people at this park looked like they were physically fit. I got a grand total of 4. FOUR PEOPLE out of all of cedar point looked as if they were in good shape and actually took care of themselves. This kills me! I would just watch extremely unhealthy people shovel all of this poisonous "food" into their mouths all day and not think twice about it. It's like watching someone physically hurt themself and not being able to do anything about it.

The deeper I dive into my healthy new lifestyle, the more I crave to help people make the switch as well. I guess I'll just keep praying and striving to live as an example until I figure out how to change the world.

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