Sunday, September 2, 2012

Zucchini Adventures Part 2

So zucchini season is one of my favorites, mainly because everyone I know grows it and it seems that there is always an over abundance of it which in turn leads to free veggies for me :] This leads to us eating zucchini every single day whether it is breakfast lunch or dinner, which is totally fine by me. The challenge, though, is finding different ways to eat it.

So one of Kyle's friends brought us over this MONSTER zucchini (yes, I know I'm in my jammies. It was a lazy Sunday but that's besides the point. Let's all focus on the zucchini that i'm holding) But my first thought when I saw this was 1. This vegetable is on steroids and 2. what the HELL am I supposed to cook with that thing?!

Kyle and I always always always make eggs on the weekends because we have time and aren't rushing out the door to work. He is definitely an omlet guy and I am more of a fried egg kind of girl. So as I was cooking this zucchini to put into kyle's omlet, I got the fab idea to turn it into a hash for myself. One of my favorite breakfasts is sweet potato hash with runny eggs on top, so I thought that this would be a fun little experiment to try with zucchini instead.
So I chopped the zucchini into 1/2 inch cubes and tossed them into a pan with olive oil. I seasoned them with some salt, pepper & garlic salt and let it cook until it was soft. Then I cooked my eggs over easy so that they were runny in the middle. I used to always eat them with two pieces of toast but ever since that got eliminated from my diet I've been looking for other things that go well with eggs. Let's just say that my experiment worked out very well! I put the eggs on top of the zucchini hash and dug in. yummy!! This was a very filling breakfast and a great way to use up all that zucchini that is just overflowing out of your garden. Unless you want to give it to me instead. Thats ok too. :]
now dat right derr is one purty breakfast if i ever did see one!


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  1. That looks absolutely delish!! I wish I had have your creative culinary savvy! :-) Thanks for sharing!