Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cheap coffee tables turned masterpiece!

So this past Labor Day weekend was very eventful, starting out with the Rascal Flatts concert on Friday, a Saturday full of house chores, a family cookout on Sunday, and the 5k race Monday. By Monday afternoon rolled around i was COMPLETELY pooped, so pooped that I told Kyle I was taking a nap and NOT to wake me up, not even if there was a fire! Ok, hopefully he would use his best judgement on that last one but you get the point :]

Let me rewind for a second. So back when Kyle and I moved into our house we literally had NOTHING. so everything we had to buy was pretty cheap to fit our budget, including our coffee table and end tables. We thought that we could get by for a little while before they started falling apart but what do ya know, they only lasted about 2 months before the laminate on the top started bubbling up. So I found this idea on Pinterest to cover the top of the coffee table with wood and stain it.. here is the blog if you want to check it out too! http://thefeministmystique.blogspot.com/. I mentioned it to Kyle a couple of weeks ago but just like most guys, I figured the idea went in one ear and out the other ;]

After I awoke from my 3 hour slumber on Monday, I went outside to find my FABULOUS boyfriend turning our crappy coffee table into a masterpiece! I couldnt have been more excited!!!


I'm absolutely OBSESSED with how these turned out! I don't have a before picture of what the tables looked like but they were very plain and the laminate was awful. These go much better with the "rustic" theme of my living room as well.
Kyle loved making these too, I think that there is something about a guy using power tools that makes them feel manlier... is that even a word? Either way, this just means I get to pick out more projects for him to do which means I get to be on pinterest all the time so it's a win win for me! :]

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